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Whaaat? Describe her shortly? Impossible!!! I can write a whole book about her after all those years together. Ok but I can try to make it short. Let me put it this way. First impression after you meet Domi: Ohhh she is such an innocent angel face.  Haaaahaaa yes sure, until you touch her food when she is hungry and especially when she runs out of the stock . I would not recommend to anyone to try it, as far as you don’t want to risk your life.

The food issue is not the only situation when I feel that my life is in danger. For some unknown reason Domi never takes her dioptric glasses when she drives , even she really should do it. She always says that it´s not a problem because she can see perfectly on the road, and than suddenly she comes up with the surprise question: „What is the tag number of the car in front of us?“ Or she speed up on the red light, because she can´t see the traffic lights. When you get in such a situation with her the most important is to do not stress out, because she is already stressed especially while driving in the city center. Simply trust her. Surprisingly until now she always brought me back home in one piece and actually I always enjoy any crazy drive with her.

Ok now I should mention something possitive, otherwise I might get into the troubles. Domi it´s my super heroe. Because she is always the one who is brave when our lifes are in the danger because of the giant spider or cocroach which is ready to eat us. She always stands in the front line, with her flip flop ready to attack enemy and protect us, while im bravely hiding behind her and screaming, crying and feaking out.

veronika profilofka

I know Vero for thousand years but still she can very easily drive me crazy. There were years when I did not have to use the alarm clock because of Vero´s morning eating habits. The first thing what i heard every morning was the rustle of chocolate wrap and thereafter unceasing click. After she finished half chocolate she finally opened the eyes and the day could start.

What I envy her is her ability to sleep like a bear during the winter dormancy wherever she is. That means also during the flight turbulences, when I needed psychical support, she slept sweet with a smile on her face while I almost became grey. When it comes to time even spanish people will be ashamed…always late what is usually the reason of our disputs and thereafter not speaking to each other as long as possible, what is in average 5 to 7 minutes.

But on other side she has to attend all events and be everywhere where something is going on what usually does not fit to her time organization. Vero superwoman.