Moric´s beauty journey

author: Veronika Sustakova

14 Jun Moric´s beauty journey

Moric is still waiting for his resident permit, therefore he is not allowed to travel very far from his hometown.

To make his days brighter, we took him for mechanic-medical and beauty treatments. Anyway, if he wants to trave the worl, he needs to be in the best shape, full power and good conditions. Right Moric?

Aaaalllllllll right, now it´s time to start! You are more than welcome to join Moric on his beauty journey …

Moric´s first ride with new crew. Please start the engine and

let´s go to Dreamland Slovakia.




Welcome Moric in our beauty salon! We will provide you facelifting, peeling, pedicure, manicure and maybe if you lucky enough, you will end up with nice airbags.




I promiss, there was no hint of home violance. Everyone participated volutarily, with pleasure and big smile on the face. I swear!




No excuses! Here has to work everyone, without any difference of gender, race or religion 🙂




Soon we will tell you more about Moric´s adventures. What´s the plan? Where he wanna go? Why? Who is he going with? When? With what? For what? etc. Just follow us and check our blog each Thursday or our FB fun page . Aloha, talk to you soon 🙂

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